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We are a boutique production company that crafts timeless content.

Whether a book, short/feature-length documentary, branded piece, fiction film, and/or animation; intended for the big screen, small screen, exhibited in a museum, and/or projected on city walls...

We aren't limited by the medium. Our imagination knows no boundaries, as we are believers in the power of narrative, character, imagery, and countless other elements that make up a storytelling experience. What matters to us is crafting encounters that affect audiences on a deeper level.

With offices in New York & São Paulo, we shine a light on dreams and realities from across the globe and go the extra mile to find them.


Ayelet is a journalist, filmmaker and social entrepreneur, specializing in narratives that are both character driven and thought provoking.

Most recently, she directed a campaign for Rolex’s Awards for Enterprise – celebrating individuals with innovative projects seeking to improve life on the planet, ventured into the heart of the Amazon to document one of the Yawalapiti tribe's most sacred rituals, and executive produced a short documentary about world renowned photographer Sebastião Salgado for the International Center of Photography (ICP).

Whether it’s interviewing a human trafficking survivor turned Nobel Peace Prize laureate, or entering the crossfire to film a ballet teacher transforming a community of girls in one of Rio de Janeiro’s most dangerous favelas, Ayelet crafts narratives around human ingenuity, perseverance and strength; showcasing challenges to be overcome along with the elusive yet ever present beauty of everything there is to achieve.

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We collaborate with a myriad of clients worldwide. Companies, NGOs, foundations, museums, news outlets, agencies, and private entities.

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